41 people, including children, were killed in a Russian missile attack on a Ukrainian hospital!

The war between russia and ukraine started in 2022 and has been going on for three years. In this war, various important cities, including the capital of ukraineKievhave been destroyed. In this case, children's hospitals, apartments, and public structures have been damaged in the missile attack carried out by russia targeting several cities in ukraine yesterday.

27 people including 3 children died as the children's hospital was severely damaged. A total of 41 people have been killed in this attack. More than 170 people were seriously injured. In this regard, more than 100 buildings such as President Zelenskyi, children's hospital, maternity center, houses, and shopping mall were damaged. Russian terrorists have to answer for this. On our part, we will give an appropriate response to Russia.

Ukraine said yesterday's attack was one of its biggest. In this case, prime minister Modi has traveled to Russia. This is Modi's first visit to russia since the start of the Ukraine-Russia war. So this visit of Modi has become very important. Modi, who has already spoken to Putin several times, had emphasized that this age is not for war.

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