Case filed against Virat Kohli's hotel..!?

Indian cricketer virat kohli owns a hotel in Bangalore with liquor facilities. It is also a popular pub in Bangalore. So, it stays open till night time. Last night people near this hotel complained. A case has been registered because of that. One 8 Commune Hotel, owned by virat kohli, is located near the Chinnaswamy cricket Ground. Residents have complained to the police department that there was a lot of noise last night. After this, when the guards visited the place at 1:30 pm, it was found that the hotel was still operating at 1 am in violation of the rules.
According to police rules in Bangalore, hotels close at 1 am. However, there were customers inside till 1.30 pm. Also, they were celebrating with loud music playing. Shocked, the police department asked the place to be shut down immediately and filed a case against the hotel owned by virat kohli for violation. Virat Kohli's hotel also has branches in Delhi, mumbai, pune and Kolkata. Last year, a man from tamil Nadu who went to the One 8 hotel in mumbai was sent out saying that he would not be allowed in because he was wearing a vest and a shirt.Now it has come to light that his One 8 branch in Bangalore was involved in the breach. virat kohli is currently in london with his family. Sometimes, in cases of violation of such rules, the owners are called in person and interrogated. Will the Bengaluru police call virat kohli and question him? The expectation has arisen.

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