Heavy rains that overturned Mumbai: Roads floating in flood water..

Flooding has worsened in mumbai due to continuous heavy rains. Assam, bihar and Uttar Pradesh have also affected the normal life of the people due to heavy rains.

As the south-west rains intensified, 101.8 mm of rain was recorded in nine hours yesterday in mumbai, Maharashtra. This is found to be seven times more than the suburbs. train services were affected due to rainwater logging on the tracks. Thousands of commuters were inconvenienced as local trains were halted on the tracks for several hours. And the railway stations were crowded.

The roads were flooded due to heavy rains. The Andheri tunnel was temporarily closed due to inundation. Additional government buses were run to cope with the reduced suburban train service. Heavy traffic was witnessed on the Eastern Express Highway at Bandra Kherwadi.

Flight services at mumbai airport were severely affected. Runway operations were shut down for over an hour. 50 flights were canceled due to bad weather. Due to this, the normal life of people from all walks of life has been severely affected.

Also, four houses collapsed in a landslide in the Hillock area of thane city. As a result, more than 50 people living in the area have been evacuated and accommodated in camps. A holiday has been declared for schools and colleges in many districts today.

Similarly, incessant rains in nepal led to flooding in some districts of bihar and Uttar Pradesh. 36 gates of the Valmikinagar Sulfur Barrage on the India-Nepal border have been opened. Due to this, there is a risk of submergence of low-lying areas.

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