Following his appointment as Andhra Pradesh's chief minister, chandra babu NAIDU' target='_blank' title='nara chandra babu naidu-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>nara chandra babu naidu is occupied with departmental review meetings. Over the past two weeks, he has been disclosing white papers on numerous departments. He described how the previous administration's improper operations resulted in significant losses for the electrical department. 

Public monies of more than 1.25 lakh crore rupees were lost due to this department alone. Speaking to the media today, chandra babu explained in detail the harm that the former administration inflicted upon the state. He promised to resolve all issues and uphold the people's faith in him. The financial burden of the state has exceeded already.

"Consumers bear a tariff burden of almost 32000 crore rupees. While the losses resulting from ineffective governance have approached 47000 crores, the growth in ap Utilities' debt has approached 49000 crores. "The entire amount of loss is nearly 1,29,503 crore rupees," chandra babu Naidu disclosed in a media interview. Sorting out the negative effects of YS Jagan's rule in the state would be difficult for the present administration. But everyone believes that chandra babu alone can lead the state to wealth and progress, particularly given the current circumstances.

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