In an address to the delhi media, BRS Working President K Taraka Ramarao bemoaned the congress Government's encouragement of BRS defections. He said that the party would take this matter to the supreme court and that the case would be resolved in their favor. "We'll file complaints with the indian President and the election commission as well. rahul gandhi cannot promote defections in telangana that violate the same constitution while making statements about it in delhi, according to KTR. The journalist posed some challenging questions to the former minister.

He was made aware of the defections that occurred under the previous kcr government. "You ought to understand the distinction between mergers and defections. We combined with two-thirds of the MLAs, as permitted by the constitution's tenth schedule, ktr said. He even became irritated with certain journalists who were attempting to discover flaws in him. Talking about the defections should end, ktr and everyone else in the BRS.
First off, under the KCR's administration, the idea of a merger of parties was incorrectly understood. They presented a novel idea for combining legislative parties. In the event of a merger, the combined parties ought to dissolve. However, this is not the case with congress or the TDP. Furthermore, a national party such as the congress cannot be merged by talking to two-thirds of MLAs in a single state. Notwithstanding legalities, BRS's actions between 2014 and 2023 render them morally ineligible to discuss Defections.
People would not sympathize with the party on this subject. The phrase "Karma is haunting BRS" is circulating. Furthermore, ktr lost credibility in his criticism of revanth reddy if he combined the BRSLP by removing two-thirds of the MLAs from this region. In the telangana Assembly, there are thirty-eight MLAs from the BRS. According to KTR's reasoning, revanth reddy needs 25 MLAs to combine the BRSLP with the congress LP. With eighteen to go, seven MLAs have already joined.


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