Google Maps is now a necessary tool that helps us locate places and traverse cities, and it has become an essential part of our lives. ola recently declared that it will no longer utilize google Maps and will instead use its own mapping service, ola Maps. ola should save Rs 100 crore in fees to google every year as a result of this action.

Built upon its own technology, Krutrim AI, ola Maps is being promoted by the firm in addition to its other entrepreneurial endeavors. ola can take control of its mapping software and investigate additional income streams, such as local advertising, by moving to ola Maps. Additionally, it is multilingual, reaching a wider audience and supporting India's Made in india campaign.

Experts point out that google Maps plays a key part in the company's robust ecosystem, which integrates products like google Cloud and google Workspace. Ola's transition to ola Maps provides additional capabilities, such as the ability to customize advertising and crisper images, as well as competition. ola can now seamlessly create a user experience by integrating ola Maps with its other services, including food delivery and electric vehicles. 

Saving money isn't the only reason for this adjustment. It's all about ola figuring out new methods to monetize location data while improving user experience with their services.
Ola Maps will first prioritise ensuring sure the app functions properly and is enjoyable to use. Experts believe ola might profit handsomely in the future by selling location data and displaying advertisements on the map, much like google Maps already does. Ola's action is a risky step that may start an industry-changing movement away from reliance on google for a variety of services.


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