Shooting for the much-awaited police drama film Deva, in which he co-stars with shahid kapoor and pooja hegde, is officially over for Pavail Gulati. After playing a cop in Dobaaraa, Gulati will now play a cop on film for the second time. He and shahid kapoor share a large amount of screen time in Deva, which heightens the anticipation for the movie.

There are intense action scenes in deva starring both shahid kapoor and Pavail Gulati. The film, which is framed by Mumbai's stunning scenery, promises to be exciting and full of drama. The action-packed scenes, which emphasize the performers' physical skill and devotion, are anticipated to be a key feature.
The highly anticipated picture is directed by Rosshan Andrews. In Deva, Andrews—who is renowned for his vivid storytelling and acute attention to detail—assembles an outstanding ensemble around an intriguing plot. It is anticipated that the actors' performances combined with the director's vision would produce an engrossing cinematic experience. 
Fans can't wait to watch shahid kapoor and Pavail Gulati together in Deva, which is scheduled for release later this year. Audiences will be enthralled by the compelling story, exhilarating action sequences, and the chemistry between the main characters. The release of the movie is eagerly awaited and is expected to be a huge event on the bollywood calendar.

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