In the 2024 assembly elections in andhra pradesh and the 2023 assembly elections in telangana, the people of the two telugu states delivered unexpected results. In andhra pradesh, the ruling ycp party suffered a massive defeat. Despite their landslide victory in the 2019 elections, they won only 11 out of 175 seats, failing to even secure the status of the opposition.

This marked the first time in Andhra Pradesh's political history that a ruling party faced such a severe defeat. Similarly, in telangana, the BRS, which had been the dominant party since the formation of the state, capturing power twice, also faced an unexpected setback. Although many expected the BRS to achieve a hat-trick, the party was relegated to the opposition, winning only 39 seats.

The people of andhra pradesh and telangana delivered a shocking verdict to both ap cm jagan and telangana cm KCR, who had maintained a good relationship while in power. However, political analysts argue that despite cm KCR's defeat, he fared better than Jagan. While the ycp won only 11 out of 175 seats in andhra pradesh, failing to secure even the status of the opposition, the BRS in telangana, despite its defeat, managed to win 39 out of 119 assembly seats and secure the status of a strong opposition. This leads analysts to conclude that KCR, despite his defeat, is in a relatively better position than Jagan.

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