According to reports, Mihir Shah, the primary culprit in the hit-and-run case in Mumbai, has admitted to driving the bmw that collided with a scooter and killed a lady. According to police sources, Mihir described in detail his pre-accident acts and his post-accident actions during questioning.
The 24-year-old son of shiv sena politician Rajesh Shah, who hails from the Eknath Shinde faction, is Mihir. He escaped from custody since sunday morning, the time of the tragedy, and was apprehended at a resort in Virar, a suburb of Mumbai. Police sources claim that Mihir's evening started at a pub in Juhu. But his night took a tragic turn when he supposedly drove to Borivali from Juhu, then continued on to Marine Drive and Worli. Mihir and his driver allegedly shifted seats next to Haji Ali. He acknowledged operating the high-end vehicle when it collided with the two-wheeler.

Before his father could get to Bandra, Mihir left the scene out of fear of suffering consequences from his family. Rather than going back home, he took sanctuary in his girlfriend's Goregaon home.
Mihir had a beard when he was brought into jail; police think he may have changed this aspect to hide his identity.
Mihir is the subject of a culpable homicide case that the police have opened. On Wednesday, the authorities plan to bring him before the court to request his detention for more investigation.

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