KCR and Vijayamma are collapsing..!? Children's lives are in darkness.!!

- Vijayamma is shedding tears.
- The future of his son is passing before the eyes.
-  Parents' anxiety about the future of their children is not normal.

 Politics is like waves in the ocean. The waves are falling and rising. It is the same in politics. You never know when you will lose or when you will win. In the past, it was said before the election that one party would win. But the electorate has changed in recent times. Thinking in all sorts of ways, they cast their votes for whomever they want to vote for. In the same way, two ruling parties in telangana were ousted in AP. When it comes to telangana, kcr has done a lot of good by bringing many wonderful schemes. But they lost. And when it comes to Andhra Pradesh, Jaganmohan reddy also fulfilled 90% of his promises. But the people were defeated. The main reason why they lost so much is their own families. Another reason is their sense of pride. This is why BRS and ycp had to lose power in two telugu states. If their authority is lost, it is the parents who suffer the most. kcr is very sad that his son's future has come to an end due to the defeat of BRS. This time the art of making him cm has been missed. YS Vijayamma is also upset that jagan has lost in AP. parents can't bear it when their children's lives stop before their eyes.
 Even if kcr does not seem to be very sad from the outside, he is deeply saddened inside that the party has lost before his son's future is set. If he wins this time, he wants to make his son the chief minister. But the party lost because of his arrogance. On the other hand, Vijayamma thought that everything would be fine if her son became cm again. But the son was defeated by the unexpected act of the daughter. As a result, she is torn between the two. In the end, during the elections, she left the foreign country, unable to express her pain to anyone, and unable to support anyone. In this way, it can be said that parents' anxiety about the future of their children is not normal. No matter what, a family can achieve anything if they stick together. Political analysts say that it would be better if the former CMs of the two telugu states remembered this.

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