Only 5 companies compete with entire economy of China!!!

After years of ups and downs, the global markets are taking a new flight in 2024. Today the Indian market has again managed to set a new record high. The US market, which leads globally, is also trading at a record high these daysIf we look at the last few days, the rally in the US market seems to be returning and the rally is being led by tech companies. Due to this, a sharp change has been seen in the list of the world's largest companies.

Nvidia took a high flight

The biggest change in the position of iphone maker apple has happened in the last few months. apple had the record of being the world's largest company for years. This year Microsoft gave it a shock first and captured the top position. On the strength of the shares flying with the wings of Artificial Intelligence, Nvidia took a long leap and it also left apple behind in the past.

Apple became number one again

In this way, the company, which had been the world's largest company for years, slipped to the third position. However, apple has now again become the world's number one company. The company has been able to increase iphone sales after adding AI feature and the news of increasing iphone sales has supported its shares. After that, yesterday on Wednesday, apple reached the first position, leaving behind both Nvidia and Microsoft.

The list changed rapidly this year

From this, one can understand how the list of the world's largest companies has changed so far in 2024. Nvidia, which was not in the top-10, is now part of the top-three. apple is again at the first position and microsoft at the second position. Saudi Aramco, the only company outside the US market in the list of the world's largest companies, is now out of the top-5 as well.

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