Corona has claimed the lives of many individuals all across the world. However, in the United States, where instances are still prevalent, the fatalities were much more tragic. A location to bury bodies on a level or in large groups. Every day, millions of instances are registered. Deaths are still at an all-time high. Vaccination is currently being carried out on a massive basis there as well.
 With heartache, America has exacerbated its global position. With its head bent in front of the globe, the corona is still in a condition of uncontrollability. It's sad, though, because it still appears to be expressing something beautiful. people there recently paid homage to those who died as a result of the disaster. On 20 acres in Washington, DC, special preparations have been created for this.

This event is open to the general public. During the month, family members must fly white flags with a particular message printed on them at this location. It will only be permitted until the 3rd of next month, according to officials. Many people have already hoisted flags in honour of those who have died. Suzanne Brennan, an artist, designed the event. He stated he put in 2,000 hours with his volunteer crew. He's been raising flags in a specific place in order to keep track of corona fatalities in the United States. Those who do not wish to visit this location on their own may do so by visiting the company's official website at  Since 1987, however, it has become the biggest monument.

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