Fat will start melting if you drink this sour fruit water!!!

You must have tried a lot to lose weight but stubborn fat does not take the name of getting out. From today you start drinking amla water on an empty stomach every morning and then see how the belly fat will start melting.

Many people drink hot water in the morning but many nutrients are found in amla, it has plenty of protein, carbs, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium. There is absolutely no fat or sweetness in it. That's why it proves to be very beneficial for our body.

Beneficial in diabetes

People who are suffering from diabetes have to take special care of their health. Ayurvedic herbs are very beneficial for them. Amla is one of them, there is almost no sugar in it, so it produces natural insulin in the body and the amount of sugar in the body remains correct. Blood sugar level can be controlled by drinking gooseberry water after waking up in the morning.

Good for skin and hair

You must have often heard that Amla is used in many types of beauty products. people mix gooseberry powder in their hair and apply it, as well as it is very good for blemishing the face, it prevents pimples and cleanses the blood. 

Weight loss

Drinking gooseberry water every morning reduces weight, cleanses the stomach and corrects metabolism, due to which weight is controlled. Digestive problems are less. As soon as your digestion is good, you start looking lean, food starts getting digested properly.

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