Kidney Cancer: 1.75 lakh people die every year due to kidney cancer, why is its risk increasing?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally. Every year millions of people die worldwide due to many types of cancer. lung, stomach, and breast cancer cases have been the most reported. Kidney cancer is also a rapidly emerging major threat, whose cases are being seen in people of all ages. Global cancer institutes estimate that 400,000 new cases of kidney cancer are reported every year and more than 1.75 lakh people die. In the year 2020, more than 4.30 lakh cases of cancer were reported.

Although the risk of kidney cancer is higher in the elderly, adults can also fall prey to it. Kidney cancer is rare in adolescents, although conditions such as sickle cell disease can increase the risk of this cancer even in younger people. health experts say that it is important for all people to know the symptoms of kidney cancer and keep making continuous efforts to prevent it.

Kidney cancer and its risk

Doctors are not very clear about why kidney cancer occurs. Experts say that kidney cancer begins when changes (mutations) start occurring in the dna of some cells.

Apart from this, everyone needs to be constantly cautious about many lifestyle risk factors. For example, the risk of developing kidney cancer increases with age. Apart from this, kidney cancer can also develop in people who smoke or are obese. If someone in your family has already had kidney cancer, then you need to be extra careful.

Be careful about such risk factors

According to the report of the American cancer Institute, uncontrolled condition of high blood pressure increases the risk of many types of kidney-related diseases including kidney cancer. Apart from this, people who are undergoing dialysis for a long time for the treatment of chronic kidney failure also have a higher risk of kidney cancer. Many lifestyle factors such as smoking, obesity, and dietary disorders can also increase your risk of developing kidney cancer.

Be especially careful about such symptoms

No symptoms or signs are usually seen in the early stages of kidney cancer. However, its symptoms increase over time.

Due to kidney cancer, the color of your urine appears bloody, pink, or cola. Apart from this, if you often have pain in your back or armpit, lack of appetite, lose weight without any effort, and often have fatigue and fever, then you should be careful about such symptoms. It is important to pay attention to these signs in time and get treatment for it.

How to avoid kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer can be prevented by making some changes in lifestyle and diet. The risk of kidney cancer can also be reduced with the help of some common efforts to improve your health. If you smoke, quit. Staying away from smoking can help reduce the risk of many other kidney diseases including kidney cancer.

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