What to eat if the price goes up like this..! people in Shock..!

The Russia-Ukraine war has led to food shortages in most parts of the world and rising prices. This was followed by an increase in the export of wheat produced in India, which increased the shortage of wheat in the domestic market and increased the price. As a result, ordinary people are in crisis due to rising rice prices.Whole wheat is one of the most important and daily food items of the indian people, and the increase in its price has severely affected a large part of the country. people as a whole are turning to affordable food to cope with this price increase.While the price of rice is low compared to the price of wheat, a large portion of the population will switch to rice, creating a demand and supply problem and raising prices. But market analysts say there has been no major change in rice prices so far.But many market analysts are adamant that prices will rise as a result of this change. The current problem is that the rise in prices will be forced when rice is the staple food of 90 percent of the population in Asia.

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