The Information technology Investment Region (ITIR) project, a prestigious initiative to turn hyderabad into a global IT hub that was envisioned under the late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, has been cancelled, according to the narendra modi administration. rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union minister of State for Electronics and Information technology, made the announcement in front of lawmakers.

Due to persistent lobbying by the ysr government, the Center put out the ITIR initiative in 2008. The Center continued to work on the plan even after YSR's passing in 2009, and it was finally approved in 2013. But despite repeated cautions from the kcr administration, the initiative received no attention until the bjp took control of the Centre in 2014. The project was ultimately abandoned by the bjp government along with a few other initiatives promised under the ap Reorganisation Act. State IT minister KT Rama Rao expressed grave disapproval of the Central Government's decision to halt the ITIR project for hyderabad and said that the bjp government was engaging in dishonest politics.

He urged that the telangana youth receive an apology from the bjp government for breaking its promises. The bjp does not have an effective plan for the country's skill-building and job-creation needs. He commanded prime minister narendra modi to "explain the loss experienced by hyderabad due to the cancellation of the ITIR project." The IT minister blasted the central government for claiming to have approved other projects that were equal to compensating the ITIR Project, stating that the bjp government had once again defrauded the nation's citizens.

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