On october 5, two blockbusters—The Chiranjeevi's Godfather and Nagarjuna's The Ghost—will square off. On the same day, the release of vishnu Manchu's Ginna, starring sunny leone and Payal Rajput, has also been announced. On the other hand, Swathimuthyam, a small-budget movie with a relatively unknown hero and heroine in Bellamkonda Ganesh and varsha Bollamma, is also debuting on the same day.

Having less well-known main actors and still clashing with bigger star pictures on the same day is a really hazardous and brave move. Despite stiff competition from bigger names, it is understood that the producers of Swathimuthyam have opted to appear on the same date and do not have any plans to move the date. This brave and audacious film's creators decided to square off against major celebrities.

We'll have to wait and see if this movie becomes successful after it hits theatres, just like a few modest films did after they were released. Swathimuthyam is currently fully engaged in the dasara battle and will engage chiru and Nag. varsha Bollamma and Bellamkonda Ganesh play key parts in the telugu film Swathimuthyam. lakshman K. krishna is the director, Suryadevara naga Vamsi is the producer, and Sai Soujanya is a member of the cast.

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