bigg boss, a reality television programme, stirs up controversy every year. Before the concert even began this year, cpi leader Narayana demanded that it be stopped from spreading obscene content. However, the creators of this show take advantage of such promotional stunts, and now a petition against bigg boss has been submitted to the ap High Court. Sivaprasad Reddy, an attorney, presented testimony in court in support of the petition. bigg boss encourages profanity, Additionally, according to lawyer Sivaprasad Reddy, the programme does not provide content in accordance with IBF requirements.

The ap high court seriously considered the arguments and voiced outrage about the show's substance. The lawyer for the indian government asked the judge to give them some time to respond to the petition. The ap high court granted the request and rescheduled the subsequent hearing for october 11th. The court announced that it would make a definitive decision regarding notice delivery at the subsequent hearing.

Currently in its sixth season, Bigg Boss. Action against the show's producers was sought by politicians including raja Singh and Narayana. The cpi leader continued by criticising host nagarjuna for hosting an offensive programme that offers no educational value to its audience.

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