The hollywood distributors of "RRR," including Variance and other associated companies, are making sure that the magnum opus receives huge attention in Los Angeles in order for "The Academy" members to watch it and, hopefully, nominate it. This is true even though the Film Federation of india has not supported "RRR" in its oscar race. 

No less than SS rajamouli travelled to the USA to help the movie along, and we have witnessed the response he received when the movie was exhibited on an Imax screen at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. One may be wondering why these two heroes didn't accompany their director on this trip to Los Angeles when ram Charan is posting all those videos of rajamouli on his instagram stories and ntr is also discussing it with his pals.

While rajamouli is receiving praise for creating such a fantastic movie, Charan and ntr undoubtedly gave ram and bheem life and their presence would have a greater impact. Both of these movie stars are currently vacationing at home and not currently filming any movies. One may ask why they chose not to travel with the director or perhaps they were not selected, but if they had travelled to the USA, events would have been very different.

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