The opening track from natural star dasara, a big-budget action movie from nani, has been released in time for the Bathukamma festival. The song lived up to the anticipation surrounding it and was advertised as the biggest street song ever. nani presented himself as a street kid with a massed-up, rural appearance that was entirely devoid of glamour. santhosh narayanan composed a raunchy song. In a stylish opening, nani gives a drummer a bottle of vodka to quicken the rhythms. Then nani performs his explosive dances for us.

It is more than just a song about friendship because it features dasara and Bathukamma celebrations. rahul sipligunj and a few other singers sang a song with lyrics written by kasarla shyam that were ideal for the song's subject matter. Keerthy suresh portrays the movie's female lead in the srikanth Odela-directed production. For the film, sudhakar Cherukuri is pooling resources.

A party song set in a working-class neighbourhood is "Dhoom Dhaam Dhosthaan." It appears to take place at a bar where many miners congregate to unwind after a long day of work. The song is a little dated because it emphasises the good aspects of working-class existence. To the folk beats of Narayanan, nani lets his hair down and puts on an amazing performance that ignites the dance floor.

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