The telangana IT and industries Minister ktr is renowned for his expertise and clarity when speaking on any subject, as well as for his wit and spontaneity, which astounds many. ktr attended yesterday's karimnagar Kalotsavalu closing ceremony, and his address there is still remembered as the event's high point. Earlier, bigg boss social media star Gangavva compared ktr to mahesh babu in terms of appearance. 

When ktr responded to the same, he left everyone speechless with his signature manner. He stated, "Naakem kaadu, kani mahesh babu feel aithadu" (I am fine, but mahesh babu will feel bad). He contacted Gangavva and assured her that he would attend her presentation, "I village Show," and that he would share some of the knowledge he had with her and pick her brain.

KTR also extended his gratitude to all the musicians and activists who were instrumental in the telangana agitation. He acknowledged Vandemataram Srinivas' work and stressed that the kcr administration is carrying out all of Vandemataram's wishes from the "red" flag (read communist party). He called Gangavva and promised her that he would be coming to her show, ‘I village show’, and said he would share a few things he knew and learn from her. 

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