The much-anticipated teaser for "Adipurush" was released recently to mixed reviews. Regardless of the criticism, the teaser received millions of views and trolls for having poor visual effects, which primarily harmed the darling fans. The teaser has now become involved in controversy for the first time. The movie has been trapped in all negative circles and is getting backlogged now.

Narottam Mishra, the home minister for Madhya Pradesh, voiced concerns regarding Lord Hanuman's attire in the teaser. "Lord Hanuman is shown as donning leather clothing. Such images offend religious sensibilities. I'm asking producer Om Raut in a letter to cut out those portions. We would consider legal action if he doesn't go, the minister Mishra warned.

The home minister appears to have scrutinised the teaser in detail and pointed out the mistakes. The "Adipurush" team hasn't yet addressed the situation because the home Minister's remarks were reported in the media this morning. However, a renowned visual effects studio from mumbai has stated that they had nothing to do with the graphics in the "Adipurush" trailer and have absolutely nothing to do with the movie. Stay tuned for more updates in this regard.

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