Unstoppable With NBK, the most popular celebrity chat programme, has been revived for a second season. Nandamuri balakrishna will once more host the programme. The spectacular unveiling of Unstoppable With NBK 2 in vijayawada has everything prepared. At the dussehra celebration today, Aha unveiled the excellent teaser. The teaser portrayed the man of the people, Nandamuri balakrishna, exploring a cave in pursuit of something.

Everyone is captivated by Balayya's appearance in the teaser, which was helmed by prasanth Varma. Unstoppable Anthem, which was just uploaded by the creators, has gone viral on YouTube. Now, aha is attempting to raise the bar with this teaser. It is rumoured that well-known actors and politicians graced the concert. Unstoppable With NBK 2 will offer greater enjoyment, according to Aha's promotion.

Unstoppable With NBK, a highly anticipated telugu star conversation programme, is returning to enthral viewers. The premiere of the popular chat programme hosted by Nandamuri balakrishna on the Aha is scheduled for today. Today at the main premiere event in vijayawada at 6 PM, the teaser for Unstoppable With NBK Season 2 will be released. Before that, the show's creators shared a BTS (Behind The Shoot) photo of balayya wearing a hat and brandishing a sword. Balayya's new appearance is for the teaser.

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