Today marks the premiere of the trailer for the upcoming film "Boyfriend for Hire." With its bizarre title and novel idea of hiring a boyfriend, this movie in particular piqued the interest of young people. Interestingly, the trailer lived up to expectations by showcasing amusing, youth-oriented characters and banter. The "fun packed" content demonstrates that the story has an engaging plot and likeable characters.

The trailer, which is meant to be "eye catching," undoubtedly succeeds in piqueing further interest. Despite the film's modest size, it has high production standards. It contains pleasing music that complements the narration and beautiful images. The film's hosts pooja Ramachandran, Viswanth and malavika as the central couple, and comedians madhu nandan and sudarshan Reddy are all included. Niranjan reddy K and venu madhav Peddi are the project's financiers, and Santosh kambhampati is making his directorial debut.

The 2021 telugu film BFH - Boyfriend For Hire was written and directed by Santosh Kambhampati. produced under the Swastika cinema banner by venu madhav Peddi and K Niranjan Reddy. Center for sridevi Soda movie features malavika Satheesan and Viswant in the major parts. The soundtrack to this film was written by music director Gopi Sundar. Vijay Vardhan K is the film's editor, and bala Saraswathi is in charge of the cinematography.

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