It's a sad state of affairs in the telugu cinema business. Just for "name sake," the major motion pictures rely on just two music directors. Despite the fact that there are many outstanding music directors, the brand sells more products than the content. We're referring to devi sri prasad and Thaman, who this week produced a mediocre and a bomb. Nobody is aware of how the actors and producers came to agree on these songs and lyrics. The brand name of these music directors also seems to have an effect on the star heroes.

Both Waltair Veerayya's song "Boss Party" and Veera simha Reddy's song "Jai Balayya" have drawn harsh criticism from listeners and admirers. To the surprise of his followers and music lovers, S Thaman's "Jai Balayya" is a copy paste of Osey Ramulamma's song, regardless of the song's quality. He had blatantly used the Vandemataram srinivas song's melody. Why can't he offer something unique? The song's amateur lyrics, "Jai Balayya," were written by RamajogayyaSastry. When the song is by Veera simha Reddy, why use the slogan "Jai Balayya"?

The song from Silambattam by 14-year-old Simbu, which contains the words "where is the party," served as inspiration for DSP. The amount of compensation paid to these two music directors and the calibre of the tunes they provided have many music directors in the business scratching their heads. In addition to receiving millions of dollars in compensation, these music directors are also given accommodations in five-star hotels, which is a complete waste given the calibre of the work they produce.

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