With Johnny, pawan kalyan reportedly made his directorial debut. However, the effort was in vain because the movie bombed at the box office. According to recent sources, Pawan might resume his activities. A couple of Pawan Kalyan's social media followers have an odd update regarding the actor's next movie alongside Harish Shankar. They claim that Pawan would write the screenplay for this movie and Harish will simply serve as the director. 

That would indicate that Pawan is going back in time if it were the case. However, considering the situation at hand, it isn't the wisest course of action. First of all, Pawan has lost his tenacity in terms of composing and producing films. Furthermore, he lacks the necessary time or mental clarity to write a script. Due to his political obligations, he is unable to even attend film shoots properly.

With all of this going on, one can only wonder how he can find the time to write a script. Having said that, this update has not been validated, and it is too early to make any preliminary judgments. Let's wait and watch how things turn out in the future.

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