Social media has been buzzing over Prabhas's romantic life for some time. There have been numerous rumours that prabhas and Kriti Sanon, his co-star in Adipurush, are involved in a relationship. In order to support their argument, astute internet users are now using a recent interview between kriti sanon and bollywood star varun Dhawan. 

There is a new Shehzada, a new sweetheart in Prabhas's life, and she couldn't be happier, according to varun dhawan in the interview. He also mentioned how well-matched Kriti and prabhas are. The internet's users only needed to connect the dots in order to conclude that Kriti and prabhas do in fact have a relationship. It is typical for online users and the media to become enthralled by the chemistry between two performers as they work on a movie, so this is nothing new. 

These are more frequently found to be just conjectures. Is that still the situation between prabhas and Kriti, or is a true conflict developing between them? Time will only tell. The highly anticipated pan-Indian film Adipurush, on which prabhas and kriti sanon are currently collaborating, has made them the new talk of the town in terms of a romantic comedy pairing. The couple's chemistry and bond at the trailer launch lent much-needed fuel to the widespread rumours that they are dating.

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