Vijay vs Ajith: Who is mass between them?

Vijay's Varisu and Ajith's Thunivu film team have suddenly released posters and started a fight among the fans. It is customary to release the films of leading actors at big festivals like diwali and Pongal. In that way, Vijay's Varisu and Ajith's Thunivu are going to clash for pongal in 2023. As both their films are releasing on the same day after 9 years, the anticipation is now starting to rise as to who will win this competition.
Varisu starring Vijay is directed by telugu director Vamshi. Similarly, Ajith's Thunivu is directed by H. Vinoth. It is said that theaters will be allocated equally as both are big films. It has been announced that Vijay's Varisu film will be released in three languages. But the Thunivu film team did not make any announcement about it. In this situation, Varisu and Thunivu film team suddenly released posters and started a fight among the fans. A poster of Thunivu was released yesterday and it was mentioned as a pongal release. Immediately, the Varisu film team also released a poster to compete with it.In the poster released by the Varisu film team, there was a picture of actor Vijay sitting in a car with a glass of tea in his hand. After this, the fans of both sides started fighting on twitter asking which of these two posters are the best. When watching this, if the poster itself is fighting like this, it seems to think about what kind of fuss is going to happen when the film is released.

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