Shah Rukh Khan has kept his fans guessing about his next big move as Disney+ Hotstar launched a new commercial named "Siway SRK 2.0" featuring the actor.

The commercial, which was a continuation of the previous one, showed Shah Rukh and Rajesh Jais standing on their balcony with a sea of admirers waiting outside. Shah Rukh was informed by Rajesh that he had received a call from Disney+ Hotstar.

Shah Rukh's cooperation proposals were rejected down one by one. Because ajay devgn was also filming Rudra: The Edge of Darkness for Disney+ Hotstar, they decided against doing a crime drama. The horror-comedy idea was nixed due to the recent release of Saif ali Khan's Bhoot Police. Rajesh reminded Shah Rukh of the indian Premier League when he offered the word "activity."

After exhausting all other possibilities, Shah Rukh glared furiously at Rajesh and told him to gesture at the fans instead. Except for Shah Rukh Khan, the commercial finished with a voiceover claiming that Disney+ Hotstar offered nonstop t20 cricket, blockbuster movies, exclusive new series, and all of the big names. It also included a note that said, "to be continued."

With a nod to their film karan Arjun, in which they portrayed brothers, Shah Rukh thanked salman for sharing the ad.

To become the brand ambassador for Disney+ Hotstar, Shah Rukh Khan was paid 5 crores. Disney paid a fortune to salman khan, Ranveer Singh, and karan Johar. salman receives 50 lakhs from Disney for a single social media post, Ranveer gets 25 lakhs, and karan gets 10 lakhs.

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