Salma Hayek, who plays Ajak, has said that her characters will take a complicated look at parenthood in her part. In the comics, Ajak is typically the masculine commander of the Eternals, so viewers are eager to see how Salma's position in the multiverse movie plays out. Salma Hayek explained in a new conversation with TotalFilm that her incarnation of Ajak "can't have children," but she does adopt a mothering attitude to the other Eternals, which she co-created with filmmaker Chloe Zhao.

According to the hollywood actress, "Chloé opted to approach the topic of leadership through the lens of parenting... I'm not a mom by any stretch of the imagination. I'm an extraterrestrial. I am unable to have children. However, in the comics, my character used to be a man, but now she is a woman. Rather than simply changing the sexes, I suggested to [Zhao] that we contribute something unique to women."

"I need to lead them in the right direction... we have a purpose in life and in the world. A mom must also guide her children "Hayek went on. "She will punish children when they disobey, but always from the standpoint of mom... It has an empathetic quality to it, despite the fact that I am not allowed to have sympathy because I am an extraterrestrial. So that adds to the intrigue..."

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