mass director boyapati Sreenu made a movie with Jr.NTR  after he became a complete mass hero. The movie was shot a long time later under the banner of Creative Commercials by renowned producer KS Rama Rao. However, the action part of the movie did reach up to expectations.

The movie was released ten years ago. And everyone thought that the casting in this movie was not as expected. All in all, Dammu's movie had a bad result for many reasons. After that again Boyapati's movie plan with Jr. never happened. With Balakrishna, Simha, and later boyapati gave blockbuster hits like Legend. Now Akhanda wants a hat trick victory with this movie.

Meanwhile, there are good expectations for Akhanda. It is also the movie is a hit but boyapati is back on stage. Depending on the result of the movie, there is a chance that boyapati will team up with allu arjun once again. Also, there is a chance to come to a movie in the combo of boyapati-NTR. boyapati insisted that this time he will definitely deliver a blockbuster hit to NTR. Already ntr is busy with three movies. Even if it is a huge hit the duo will definitely have to wait till 2024 for the movie to come out in a combo

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