In certain situations, any hero might hit massive flops. failure can be caused by a simple error. vinaya vidheya rama is a film in which megastar ram Charan suffered such a major setback in his career. The action picture, helmed by boyapati Sreenu, not only disappointed the public after its release but also became ram Charan's biggest career disaster.

It may be argued that this film's failure was owing to high expectations. kiara advani plays the heroine, and bollywood actor vivek oberoi plays the antagonist. The film begins with a series of huge action sequences. Prashant, the hero, also played an important part. A large cast was also present. However, the audience was unable to connect with the picture owing to a lack of sufficient substance in the plot, since it was a film produced solely for action sequences. As a result, the film gave these two heroes and filmmakers a terrible name and pushed them back.

The election officer for a city in a large rowdy kingdom is Heroes' brother. The hero's older brother, on the other hand, is murdered by the thugs in this sequence. Knowing this, he went there and created a play to save his other brothers' lives. The film also begins with the narrative of how he dealt with his elder brother's death without even telling his brothers wife. The action scenes in the movie which was expected to be the key to movie success turned out to make the movie fall apart.

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