It is known that a movie is being released in the shiva combination of Young tiger ntr fights. The official announcement regarding this project will come in several days. However, the sets of the film have not gone up yet. Fans are waiting for the release date of the film.

However, it seems that the pre-production work for the film is in full swing. In addition to the story, the location of the hero is also very special.

This makes sense once you look at his past films. It seems that the regular shooting of this movie will start in the month of November. With the arrival of the movie.

 Now there are huge expectations on the project that the two will do together. The film is set against the political backdrop. It is said that ntr will be seen as a powerful student leader. The film unit is also considering bollywood beauty alia bhatt alongside ntr in the film.

Rashmika Mandanna names are heard. It seems that alia bhatt is likely to be the final heroine as the latest heroine. The makers are expecting to release this movie in the summer of next year.

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