tollywood directors who worked with balayya one time want to work with balakrishna once again in the tollywood film industry. Some directors have even said this openly. puri Jagannath is one of them. In their combination released the movie Paisavasool in the past which was a huge disappointment to the audience at the box office. However, whatever the result of the film, the duo wanted to make another film, and fans are also waiting for the combination of the Balayya-Puri.

Recently balakrishna appeared  in the latest Liger movie shooting directed by puri Jagannath.Starring Vijay devarakonda as the hero, is currently shooting in Goa. However, balakrishna accidentally went to those sets and shocked everyone at once. balakrishna was received very well as an unexpected guest and the film crew remembered the days when they worked with him. puri Jagannath has also made a good story for Balakrishna. Soon the two will also be sitting together on the story.

It remains to be seen after the movie with Vijaya Devarkonda which the film puri will do. balakrishna went to goa for the climax shooting of Akhanda movie, balakrishna made a noise on the set of Liger movie which was shooting there. After this film balayya will make a film under the direction of Gopichand Malineni. It remains to be seen whether balayya will join hands with puri Jagannath after the film.

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