If you want to excel in the film industry, you have to combine talent with luck. Otherwise it is very difficult to continue in the film industry to achieve proper success without luck no matter how much talent there is. This has already been proven in the case of many hero heroines.

There is no telling how much success Rajasekhar had as a hero at that time. He also competed for star heroes. Suddenly a light shone in the telugu film industry. Rajasekhar continued to be the top hero in the telugu film industry for many years.

Family story films on the one hand and police films on the other hand came to the forefront of the audience and received good successes. Rajasekhar, who continued to be a hero with a good craze in the telugu film industry, suddenly disappeared from the telugu screen due to lack of film opportunities.

They also came in front of the audience with each movie in the middle and remained flops. With this, Rajasekhar's career in the telugu film industry came to an end at an instant. Rajasekhar made an unexpected entry. At a time when all the young heroes are currently rocking the telugu film industry, he has again received success with a brand-new experiment.

Rajasekhar, who came to the forefront of the audience with his film Garudavega, received an unexpected success. With this, Rajasekhar's career got on track. After that, Rajasekhar came forward once again with the movie Kalki and received super success.

Rajasekhar, who once rose to prominence as a star hero but disappeared in the middle, made a re-entry even when the young hero’s trend was running and received a hit in his own style.

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