It is not an easy task to excel in the colourful world of the film industry. A lot of new heroines are coming into the film industry. But only a few will receive good success in a short time. Recently, Kriti Shetty entered the telugu film industry as a heroine and received a super hit with her first film.

She has become a Bebamma for the telugu audience. Mega hero Vaishnav Tej, who was introduced to the telugu film industry as a hero in the movie Uppena, is said to be impressed with his performance. The telugu audience was mesmerized by the beauty performance.

Still some heroines have been waiting for many years for the right hit. But along with the talent for this sale came luck as well. The first film made with it became a super hit. With the success of the movie Uppena, a series of opportunities are queuing up for this sale.

This beauty is currently getting opportunities in Star Heroes movies. It is natural that the remuneration of the heroines will also increase after the success of the film. Bebamma also increased the reward massively.

Talk is now being heard in tollywood that the only film that has done so is the one that has increased the reward abruptly. The beauty took only six lakhs for the surge film. It is learned that the filmmakers gifted 60 lakh cars to Kriti Shetty as the film was a bigger hit than expected.

A series of opportunities arose as the reward increased abruptly as the queue formed. Demanding up to Rs 80 lakh. It seems that the film crew who approached Kriti Shetty for a remake of Uppena in hindi has offered crores of rupees.

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