Short films have a special place in the telugu film industry. These films are produced with a clear story without a big budget-like rush to put in big big star actors. Most of the characters and protagonists are just new. Many of these films were box office hits.

Suppose that somewhere one will also fail for various reasons. But then Nitin, the actor who is slowly climbing the ladder of his film career. These are the new years when menon -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>nithya menon also set foot in the telugu film industry. Ishq is a movie starring both of them in the lead roles.

The film appealed to the youth. The songs are impressive. The story is also crafted in the hands of the director to suit the characters.

Films like Ishq are an example to say that many times the small film industry has survived more than the big films. There was no rush anywhere, no cheers, except for the general publicity. However, the film impressed with its songs and kept the whole family happy even after its release. A big platform should be laid for the youth in it.

Directed by vikram kumar and composed by Anoop Rubens, the film is a hit. The work done by the two together contributed a lot to the success of the film. The film stars nithin in the role of Ajay, who is aggressively trying to marry Wadi's sister, who has embarrassed her sister, as a girl who says she will only get married if she buys jewellery.

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