The film love Story, featuring Akkineni naga chaitanya as the protagonist, was released today and has already been a huge success. The film is made by Shekhar Kammula also stars sai pallavi as the heroine. It is stated that the way the two actors perform in the movie is a super hit. They were instrumental in making this picture such a success. The acting of Akkineni naga chaitanya is the major cause of the film's success.

Everyone expected Sai Pallavi's performance to be the film's centrepiece from the start. However, everyone who has watched the film claims that Nagachaitanya outperformed sai pallavi as well as that the two actors competed well and added to the film's triumph. Shekhar Kammula handled the picture, which became a smash hit right away.

Naga Chaitanya, the hero of this film, is now renowned to be a bollywood actor. Chaitu appears in the film Lal Singh Chadha, which stars aamir khan as the protagonist. However, several bollywood viewers and celebrities have proposed recreating the film in the hindi language. And a well-known producer would have taken this option in order to extend this movie to a broad audience. However, this film will soon be released in Bollywood. It's unclear whether the film would star a bollywood actor or naga Chaitanya.

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