With the movie 'Bahubali,' helmed by Rajamouli, prabhas had become a pan-India celebrity. prabhas has continued to act in a succession of pan-India films to maintain his fame. prabhas had already created 'Saaho' in the Pan india Range. As a result, prabhas has already established himself as a pan-India celebrity. Many people believe that the prabhas can't be contained in Pan india Range. Filmmaker naga Ashwin has been planning a film starring prabhas as part of this.

The film's pooja ceremony was also concluded a few days ago. According to naga Ashwin, the film he'll be filming with prabhas would be of the hollywood style. naga Ashwin has stated that this is a Pan World film, not a Pan india film. In addition, prabhas is starring in the film 'Adipurush.' In this film, prabhas will play the character of Ram.

Fans of prabhas are hoping that the film would be released under the Pan World banner rather than the Pan india banner. In addition to these two films, prabhas will star in 'Salaar,' helmed by prashant Neel, who rose to prominence in the Pan india spectrum with 'KGF.' Many people believe that the film will outperform the Pan india box office. Prabhas' admirers are ecstatic that he has become a world icon after appearing in a string of films that have transcended India's borders.

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