The situation in the tollywood film industry has become extremely very bad since the arrival of Corona. Filmmakers are confusingly screening movies without knowing when movie theaters will close and film shootings will be postponed. The burden of interest loans on the one hand and the corona tension on the other. The new difficulty for the producers came from the audience while the filming was in fear. No matter what the problem is in the country, the government closing down movie theaters first, and when unlocking the lockdown opening movie theaters always lasts.

Audiences stopped coming to the theaters for fear of corona. Now the film industry taking new strategies for bringing audiences to theatres as in the past. In this context, after the first phase, the audience has come to the theaters in a very short period of time but after the second phase, the audience is very much thinking of coming to the theaters.

In addition to that, even the films released after the second phase didn’t impress the audience. Not a single film has impressed the audience. But the recent success of the siteemar movie super hit, the movie has succeeded to bring the audience to the theatres.

 After that, the love story movie released today which is directed by Shekar kmmula it is a super hit and this time the audience is sure to come to one hundred percent theatres. It remains to be seen whether the love story movie will change the future of Tollywood.

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