In a recent interaction, mahesh babu confirmed that he is open to acting in web series thus sparking rumors. 

Superstar mahesh babu is one of the biggest names in the tollywood industry. With over 3 decades in the industry, mahesh babu has provided us many unforgettable movies. The result of which he has been crowned as the top superstar in telugu Industry. He has acted in 26 films now and is always exploring new genres to improve his versatility, which is one of the main reasons mahesh babu has stayed relevant through the decades. 

We all know the industry is now moving towards web series after the inception of Covid-19. More people have become aware of the format and is currently blooming as the parallel branch to movies. Being so, mahesh babu was asked about the web series and whether he would act in a recent interaction. He said he loves to watch web series. He also said he hasn’t thought about acting in one but when opportunity awaits he confirmed that he will explore the avenue. 

This has sparked some minor rumours in tollywood industry. Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaaru Vaari Paata is getting ready and is expected to release for sankranti 2022.

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