S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, who perished on friday at the age of 74 in Chennai, was among indian cinema's finest playback vocalists. Few vocalists are as well-known as he is. Fewer people were as adaptable. Those who were productive were even fewer. In several eras of indian films, he performed approximately 40,000 tunes in various languages.

Balu sang several songs for these celebrities from the 1980s until the present. In fact, the success of these performances was one of the factors that propelled the performers to prominence in the first place. SPB pulled in admirers with his energising voice, who waited anxiously for his songs to be broadcast on the radio.

Balu, or 'Balu garu,' as he is affectionately known by his millions of followers, was born in the coastal andhra pradesh town of Nellore. Since his start as a playback musician in the moviesri sri Sri maryada ramanna in the year 1967, he has offered his voice to a slew of performers. Since the 1960s, SPB has been the go-to playback singer in telugu cinema, singing everything from upbeat numbers to songs that express a wide range of emotions. Balu sang for decades of telugu movie actors, from the great N T Rama Rao as well as akkineni nageswara rao to today's stars. It's been a year since this music magician left this world so let's remember him on his first anniversary.

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