Sanjay Dutt's recent participation in a special edition of a reality programme has sparked some fascinating tales from his early days in the industry. The actor spoke up about his early days in bollywood and how, in retrospect, the incidents that occurred back then seem amusing and wonderful. Also recalled calling his father 'sir' on the set.

Sanjay Dutt talked about working under his father, sunil dutt who was an actor, director and producer too, and how difficult it was, especially because his father was the director. They didn't use to take a break for lunch. His father was ready with the shot and inquired where he was while he was eating. Farooq informed his father that he had gone to lunch, and his father became enraged, saying, "don't think you are sunil Dutt's son." Onset, he remembers addressing his father Sir. His father said, "These days, youngsters don't even think about asking permission; they simply want to get on with their own business." Farooq began by stating that you should have asked sunil sir before eating since he was the one who told you to eat without permission, and he was thinking to himself, "You told me to eat without permission."

His wife Maanayata Dutt recently shared a photo of him with their kid, indicating that he was spending time with his family. Sanjay is preparing three films for release. His next films include 'Toolsidas Junior,' 'Shamshera,' and the eagerly anticipated 'KGF Chapter 2'.

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