On This Day last year, the renowned singer SP Bakasubrahmanyam has succumbed owing to Covid related complications.  As sentimental as it sounds, the emotional range of his voice can scrape us off the floor from a miserable poo we may have sunk into and attempt to dance instead or has been, at times, the only salve during extreme despair..

His death coincided with a particularly trying personal crisis.

SP Balasubrahmanyam's work to indian music extends decades and his career is extensive. And thereby, the legendary singer has influenced numerous performers' artistic journeys through duets or just his vocal presence. Today, on the first anniversary of the virtuoso's passing, we speak with the four renowned tamilsingers on what SPB represents to them and their music.

We have gathered a handful of songs from the books of SPB's everlasting hits. On this day have a throwback look into these soothing tracks and add them to your playlist. During his five-decade tenure, sp balasubrahmanyam received several awards. In 2001, he received the padma shri Award, as well as in 2011, he received the Padma bhushan Award. He has almost 40,000 tracks recorded in various languages.

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