Even in this situation, the film love Story, which was released amid high anticipation, has grossed a sizable sum. Even in the United States, the film has done exceptionally well. In both the local and foreign markets, the film grossed about 8.5 crore on its first day. Despite this, the film did not perform as well as predicted in two markets. The film had a stuttering performance in both the Australian and new zealand markets. Regardless of the fact that the tollywood market is in high demand in australia, the film did not fare well.

A similar thing happened in New Zealand. The major reason for this was that owing to covid laws in certain areas, most of the shows were reduced, and there was lockdown in a few states, as well as censorship difficulties. Fans were not pleased with this as even though they did not have much expectation in the new zealand market they did not expect such a result from Australia.  The movie has bagged around 7L in australia where as the new zealand market stood far away with grossing only 3L due to certain release difficulties.

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