On Thursday, the trailer for sharwanand and Siddarth's Mahasamudram was released. Siddharth, Shared the teaser on social media.  The response has been overwhelming, with the trailer currently ranking at the top of the YouTube Trends list with over 6.5 million views. prabhas, too, has been pleased with the teaser. prabhas shared the trailer on his facebook page. Sharing the teaser is intense and intriguing, and he wished sharwanand, Siddharth, and the rest of the crew the very best.  In return, sharwanand wrote back Thank you so much prabhas anna with emojis of excitement. 

While the movie maha Samudram will be released as a dussehra Special on october 14th. The trailer showcases Sharwanand's character opens by extolling the virtues of seas. It introduces a joyful lead cast, and the moments are accompanied by a lovely background soundtrack. We also observe a developing relationship between the main characters. The video quickly escalates into a dramatic and brutal depiction of gang battles in Visakhapatnam.
While Jagapathi Babu and rao ramesh captivate the audience with their dialogue delivery, KGF's Ramachandra Raju sends shivers down the spine with his violent performance. Overall, Mahasamudram's trailer suggests a violent film set in the middle of a love storey.

Maha Samudram is Sharwanand's largest action spectacular to date, directed by RX100's ajay Bhupathi. Anil Sunkara's film has music composed by Chaitan Bhardwaj.

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