shiva Nirvana one of the young directors of tollywood, is. Already the director has made a name for himself in tollywood as the name he has given to love story movies. The director, who has received good hits with his love story films, has recently directed  Tuck Jagadish starring nani as the hero. But with this film, the director didn’t impress the magic of shiva Nirvana's love story films with family films. Ninnukori, majili films directed by this director are very different and very mature films.

With these films, the director has said very directly what he wants to say and has been praised by the people as well as the critics. But in the case of the same tuck jagdish film director was not so successful. Meanwhile, it is rumored that the director will be doing a crazy movie with Vijay devarakonda after Tuck Jagdish.

But now it seems that there is no chance of director shiva Nirvana make a film with Vijay Devarakonda. However, director shiva Nirvana has written a love story for his fourth film as two of his love stories have received good publicity. director shiva Nirvana shared a video on social media platform on Saturday. He started writing a new story on his favorite vizag beach.

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