Mahesh Babu, the superstar, has had many ups and downs in his profession. The maharshi actor has had a difficult time achieving success. He has, nevertheless, improved as a result of his mistakes. mahesh babu discussed his failure films and how he needs to be even more cautious now in a recent conversation. The actor accepted that flop movies have been a learning curve for him and it helped him evolve as a better actor.

He said, "It hurts when a movie doesn't go well. I've had a fantastic run recently, but it's been uneven in the past. Spider, for example, was an experimental film that failed miserably. You get carried away, yet failing to look back puts a lot of people in danger, which is unjust. It's not just me (as a film producer) who is affected, but also distributors, exhibitors, and others. The stakes are now so high that budgets have grown to over 200 crores."

Regarding maintaining a successful career and keeping up the same saturation level, he said, "I've had a fantastic career, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that status as audiences' anticipation rise with each film. I've been choosing my writings (out of my own) since the beginning of my career. Even with my spouse, I don't talk about the films I sign as a rule. I've made blunders that have aided in my development."

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