Even after the movie artist association was elected, the commotion remained. With prakash raj quitting from the panel last week, the order sparked a new controversy. However, Manchu Vishnu, who is unconcerned about this, is going about his business as MAA president. Vishnu, who had just been sworn in as President, first met actor balakrishna during this scenario.

Vishnu, who had come for assistance before MAA election, returned after the results were announced and thanked him for his help. A photograph was shot with the youngster on this occasion. They went to Balayya's home to meet, according to information. However, word has speculated that the problem of vishnu and Balayya's resignations has also surfaced. It will be interesting to watch how balayya reacts to this. Meanwhile, everyone's attention is drawn to Mohan Babu's meeting with balakrishna and Vishnu. Meanwhile, Mohan Babu, who emerged after meeting balayya Babu, explained that they had come to express their gratitude to balakrishna for his support to Vishnu. vishnu then expressed his desire for everyone's blessings.

In the meanwhile, Vishnu, who is eager to keep his pre-election pledges, has already made measures in that regard. vishnu made his first signature on the pension file shortly after being sworn in as President as part of this. Vishnu, who has been working for 100 days, is also making efforts to confirm the location for our building's development and make a choice on health insurance.

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