Even though it is still four days since the election of the movie artist association completed but the heat has not decreased. All the winning members resigned on behalf of Prakash Raj. A press meet was held and some allegations were made against Mohan Babu. And yesterday manchu vishnu finally signed a file of MAA President. manchu vishnu also met balakrishna today.

This morning manchu vishnu and mohan babu and went to Balakrishna's house together. vishnu thanked him for his support in MAA  elections. Both are discussed about MAA development, as well as discuss on building of MAA. After the meeting, mohan babu told the media that culture by watching Balakrishna. I am very happy to meet Balakrishna.

It’s like Brother Rama Rao sent me to the Balakrishna. I am campaigned to defeat his son-in-law in mangalagiri in the last elections. With that, the YSRCP there won. Mohanbabu said that he supported my son without keeping everything in mind. mohan babu said that it was his culture. When I called him and asked him, he told me that he would support Vishnu.

manchu vishnu also said that we will work with all the cine adults to find out what is needed for maa development and start work. He said he was going to be sworn in on the 16th of this month. I am inviting the elders in the movie industry.

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